• Prasad Duvvuri

    Prasad Duvvuri

    Business processes, data creation, collection and connect the dots to help businesses ask more questions.

  • Rohit Balakrishna

    Rohit Balakrishna

  • Subramaniam M

    Subramaniam M

    IBMer. Technology Enthusiast. Prefer being close to Nature. What I see, I capture through my Lens:-). Opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Rohit Dutkunwar

    Rohit Dutkunwar

    Chatbot Developer

  • Nishu Garg

    Nishu Garg

    Data Scientist at IBM

  • Carsten Otto

    Carsten Otto

    Cloud Architect Manager a IBM. Tweets are my own.

  • Bhargav Shah

    Bhargav Shah

    Cloud Solution Architect at Walmart Japan

  • Vinay D.V

    Vinay D.V

    Lead Experience Designer https://linktr.ee/vinaydv

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